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We take the hassle away from you and give you your time back by taking responsibility for ensuring you have the right solution for your business. Clients like HSBC and Brown Bag Films use our advice here and if you wish, we’d be delighted to help you in a similar way. See also Managed Services

Your primary focus will be around protecting the integrity of your information and ensuring your team can work productively at all times. This is where our focus is also and we can advise you on how best to leverage your investment in IT, bearing in mind existing technology with a definite eye to the future. Indeed, we can help you create a Future-Proof Roadmap for your IT. We don’t have any exclusive ties to one vendor but we do deal with them all – to ensure you get the right one for your business IT needs e.g. HP, IBM, Dell and other global technology brands.


“Data capacity on average in enterprises is growing at 40% to 60% year over year due to a number of factors, including an explosion in unstructured data, such as e-mail and documents that have to be stored due to “regulatory requirements that continue to evolve and change.”
- Gartner Consulting

One of the trends we’ve observed is that no-one really deletes anything anymore. Add mobile technology and expanded data rich services on the web and it’s easy to see where the rapid data growth is coming from.

Moore’s law on technology states IT capacity more than doubles every 18 months and this is expected to continue for the next 20 years. Ten years ago, we thought that 100GB was a lot of storage. Now it’s nothing. Indeed, the language of the future will be all about Terra and Peta Bytes!

How do you design your system to grow and indeed adapt with such demands? We can advise you in this critical business area by using our insights into Datacentre Technologies. For example shared storage technologies such as Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Address Storage (NAS) used correctly can allow your IT to rapidly provide storage on demand. This can allow your system to flex as data usage peaks and shrinks throughout a 24 hour period.
Storage technology is becoming increasingly significant from a business continuity point of view also and we are well experienced in advising our clients in this area.