Access your
IT power.

Picture the busiest junction you know. That’s nothing compared to your IT network. This is the boring bit of IT for most but without it nothing happens. If your network isn’t configured correctly it can be akin to creating a road network that has a criss-cross of roads and junctions with no traffic lights or flow control. This is a very complex area of your network as you know and it’s vital to optimise traffic flow between the various parts of your system. If it’s a new system we can help design the best for you. If it’s an existing network we can help remove bottle-necking of your data.

“In essence we are Data Control Experts and have worked on small to very large scale installations in data intensive organisations.”

We can also do all of the ‘extra-boring’ stuff (but not for us, we love it!) like cabling, creating patch points i.e. all of the stuff to allow your team to access your IT power.

Not only do we supply the hardware required to meet your network needs but we also have the expertise required to deploy reliable network services for your business.  Contact us today and speak with one of our experts to see how Gemini network services can benefit your business. 

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