Why Gemini?

We see ourselves as being your genuine IT consultancy partner – which, to us, means that along with providing you with solutions to all of your technology needs we also help you to create a clear and future-proof roadmap.

We work best with clients that have similar values, two of which are:
• A real value for technology
• Genuine respect for people

Understanding Your Business

We put a real emphasis on getting to know your business from the inside out so that we can best design solutions that really work for you.
This understanding is key as it helps us to pro-actively encourage our clients to consider the implementation of cutting-edge technology but only when we believe it makes sense for them. With so much information, the tendency can be to follow the crowd. That’s not our approach. We recommend the best solution based on your current and future needs.
Benefits to You
Our focus is to be your trusted technology partner. Some benefits we’ve been told we provide are listed here:
• Trusted technology experts to act as sounding boards
• End to end IT solutions saving time and hassle
• Freeing up your resources to focus on what you and they do best
• Truly independent advice when it comes to solutions ensuring the best result
• Better IT education of your team
• Improved service and response time
• Clarity from a future proofed technology roadmap
• Increased uptime and improved SLAs

But talk is cheap. If you’d like to speak to any of our clients and get their perspective, please let us know and we can arrange that. In the meantime, please check out these client testimonials.