Our Visual ID.

The marks that identify our company are made from circles and squares. One representing ourselves, the other representing you. These shapes grow, evolve and interact mirroring how we grow, evolve and interact with you, our clients. We genuinely see ourselves being your technology partner, and the more you get to know and trust us, the more you’ll see us in the same way.


As broad and as high as a man standing with outstretched arms, with four equal sides and four equal angles the square has always stood for the idea of the enclosure, of safety – the home.
The square is also intrinsically linked to the circle; in many churches the square space beneath the semi-circular domes are the most logical spaces possible, just as the square shape of a photograph corresponds to the round lens with a minimum distortion.


If the square is bound up with man and his works, the circle is related to nature. Throw a stone in a lake and watch the ripples or examine the rings on a tree trunk for example.
When people gather closely they naturally form a circle. A sphere is strong as it cannot be knocked over. It can gain momentum quickly.

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